Monday, October 2, 2017

Welcome to Willow Harbor!

Hey guys,

It's here! The day is finally here! The books are here!

You guys have NO idea how long we've been planning and preparing for this day! It's so exciting to finally share these books with you! 
We hope you love them as much as we do!

Don't forget that each book is a STANDALONE Paranormal Romance novel (they can be read in any order!) and they all are priced at $0.99 each for a limited time, so snatch your copies now! 

And ...

Welcome to Willow Harbor!

Strange Neighbors. Hidden Desires. Small-Town Charm

Welcome to Willow Harbor, where everyone has a secret.

What's Yours?

Come visit Willow Harbor today!

Which journey will you choose?

Shifter's Fate

Sometimes fate can't be ignored...

Mattie is desperate when she accepts a librarian position in the small coastal town of Willow Harbor. She plans to spend a few months there, enough time to get a reference and move somewhere she actually wants to be. But fate has other plans.

Pierce has given up on finding his mate. His family line of true shapeshifters will die out, but there is nothing he can do with only a few weeks left before his birthday. Until Mattie shows up in town.

When Mattie's past catches up, and Pierce's family turns on him, will fate be enough to see them through?

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Vampire's Descent

Sometimes the past comes back with a vengeance...

Claire Meyers knows her twin brother Danny didn't commit suicide. Determined to prove it, she heads to her hometown of Willow Harbor, South Carolina to learn what really happened. Only what she finds is more than she bargained for.

Mason Danver didn't ask to become a vampire. He didn't ask for his soulless marker to seek him out either. All he wants is to help the one girl he's never allowed himself to have figure out what really happened to her brother.

As the mystery surrounding Claire's brother's death begins to unfold Mason learns he's more connected to Danny’s death than he ever thought possible.

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Hunter's Revenge

Sometimes all you want is revenge …

As a human who knows the supernatural world exists, Tessa Ford has always felt like an outsider. It doesn’t help her estranged father barely wanted her around and that she’s never quite fit into her mother’s new family. Going away to college seemed like a blessing in disguise, until she realized she still has to pretend to be happy there too. 

After losing his entire family to demons and becoming a hunter, Landon Armstrong didn’t think he had anything else to lose. Until a demon kills the man who raised him as his own and gave him a purpose at a young age. Now Landon is set on finding the demon responsible for taking that man away from him and exacting revenge. He has one task to check off his list first…notify the man’s daughter of his passing.

When Landon unexpectedly shows up to inform Tessa her father has passed away, she doesn’t know what to feel. All she knows is that she wants—needs—a chance to prove herself and help Landon take down the demon responsible. Too bad for her Landon is adamant that she’s not cut out to be a hunter. Tessa isn’t about to let that stop her. Even if in the end, she dies trying to take the demon down alone…

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Triton's Curse

Sometimes freedom comes at a cost…

As the last in a line of powerful witches, Eva McKay has been held captive for years by a greedy demon who treated her more like a possession than a human being. Three days ago, she escaped. Sure that he’s out searching for her, Eva runs as far and as fast as she can. That is, until exhaustion catches up with her and she crashes her car in the mysterious town of Willow Harbor.

Once a mighty triton, Nikolas Kosta is now a slave. Ten years ago, he trusted the wrong person and ended up shackled, cursed to live in human form, and became the prisoner of a manipulative siren named Selena. Nik resigned himself to his misery long ago, but when the beautiful and secretive Eva crashes near the docks where he works, she awakens something inside him he'd thought was lost.

Both desperate for freedom and a life on their own terms, Nik and Eva are reluctant to open their hearts to anyone. But when Eva's captor tracks her down down and Nik's boss demands far more than he's willing to pay, will they have the courage to trust each other? Or will their freedom be taken from them forever?

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hi guys,

Today is October 1st! The first day of the best month of the year!

Three years ago, Midnight Kiss anthology was launched, kickstarting this awesome partnership between Alyssa, Jennifer, Sarra and I. It has been fun and productive and we hope to bring you even more surprises in the future!

I have two thing to share with you:

1) Facebook Party!

Come countdown to the launch of Willow Harbor with us tonight!
We will be at the Facebook Party from 8-12 PM EST, but all giveaways will remain open through the next day, so that no matter your time zone you'll be able to enter.

Here's a sneak peek of all the prizes we'll be offering tonight:

2) Instagram Photo Challenge

T minus 1 day until Willow Harbor Series is here! Are you ready? We certainly are! And since we love IG photo challenges, we came up with this fun to kick start the party!

1 - Oct 1st: Join us on a Facebook release party from 8pm to 12am (EST) on Sunday! Take a selfie of you ready to rock!
2 - Oct 2nd: Happy Willow Harbor day! Did you grab a copy of Willow Harbor books? Take a pic or a screenshot of them for us!
3 - Oct 3rd: Willow Harbor is all about supernatural creatures. Which on is your favorite? Bonus point if you snatch a pic from a known book or movie!
4 - Oct 4th: Are you reading Willow Harbor books? What's your favorite quote?
5 - Oct 5th: *swoon* tell us which character from Willow Harbor are you crushing on?
6 - Oct 6th: you stopped by Urban Grind coffee shop and ordered a drink. What did you get? Coffee? Tea? A shot of whiskey? A pint of blood? Tell us!
7 - Oct 7th: Now that you have been all over Willow Harbor, tell us which spot is your favorite! Bonus points for creative pics!

If you guys don't use Instagram, don't fret! You can play along on Facebook and twitter too! Just use the hashtag #willowharborseries and you're on!

And don't forget to help us spread the word! Share this game with everyone!

Hope you guys have fun and that you love Willow Harbor as much as we do!