Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hi guys,

Today is October 1st! The first day of the best month of the year!

Three years ago, Midnight Kiss anthology was launched, kickstarting this awesome partnership between Alyssa, Jennifer, Sarra and I. It has been fun and productive and we hope to bring you even more surprises in the future!

I have two thing to share with you:

1) Facebook Party!

Come countdown to the launch of Willow Harbor with us tonight!
We will be at the Facebook Party from 8-12 PM EST, but all giveaways will remain open through the next day, so that no matter your time zone you'll be able to enter.

Here's a sneak peek of all the prizes we'll be offering tonight:

2) Instagram Photo Challenge

T minus 1 day until Willow Harbor Series is here! Are you ready? We certainly are! And since we love IG photo challenges, we came up with this fun to kick start the party!

1 - Oct 1st: Join us on a Facebook release party from 8pm to 12am (EST) on Sunday! Take a selfie of you ready to rock!
2 - Oct 2nd: Happy Willow Harbor day! Did you grab a copy of Willow Harbor books? Take a pic or a screenshot of them for us!
3 - Oct 3rd: Willow Harbor is all about supernatural creatures. Which on is your favorite? Bonus point if you snatch a pic from a known book or movie!
4 - Oct 4th: Are you reading Willow Harbor books? What's your favorite quote?
5 - Oct 5th: *swoon* tell us which character from Willow Harbor are you crushing on?
6 - Oct 6th: you stopped by Urban Grind coffee shop and ordered a drink. What did you get? Coffee? Tea? A shot of whiskey? A pint of blood? Tell us!
7 - Oct 7th: Now that you have been all over Willow Harbor, tell us which spot is your favorite! Bonus points for creative pics!

If you guys don't use Instagram, don't fret! You can play along on Facebook and twitter too! Just use the hashtag #willowharborseries and you're on!

And don't forget to help us spread the word! Share this game with everyone!

Hope you guys have fun and that you love Willow Harbor as much as we do!

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